Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
wishes to thank you for a very successful run of performances of...

Mischief in the Machine - A Circus Folktale

An original musical score created and performed by Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, along with a special appearance and composition by HUMANWINE

**Soundtrack and show DVD will be available- watch this space for details!**

"We invite you to enter a fairy tale world, where a malevolent Autocrat rules over a ruined world of silent labor. In this dreary landscape, small sparks of joy and mischief appear, slowly coalescing into a full-fledged celebration of all humanity's wonder and variety."

This show blends music, poetry, dance, pantomime and other traditional circus acts into a unique multi-sensory experience for the audience. We appreciate you joining us for this once in a lifetime experience, and you can keep track of Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, the Madcap Rumpus Society, and our performers online at www.ensmb.com.

Program Highlights:

C h a r a c t e r s :







Ruckus Muckus

Mallory Hanora

Holly Brewer, M@ McNiss

Eliza Blaze, B.J. Erdmann, Aaron Grossman

Nick Cegelka, Rachel "Dozer" Darman, Owen Hope, Dominique Immora, Clara LaFrance, Tracy McAskill, Liz Manicatide, Morgan Oldham, Joe Roberson, Phil Servita, Nicole Siggins, Alicia Walker

Eliza Blaze, Johnny Blazes, Tam Carter, Nick Cegelka, Rachel "Dozer" Darman, Meg Grady-Troia, Dominique Immora, Clara LaFrance, Tracy McAskill, Liz Manicatide, Ruckus Muckus, Morgan Oldham, Elizabeth Paxton, Joe Roberson, Phil Servita, Nicole Siggins, Alicia Walker

E m p e r o r    N o r t o n ' s    S t a t i o n a r y   M a r c h i n g    B a n d:

Violin: Johanna Bobrow
Soprano & Bass Clarinet:
Eric Mumpower
Trumpet, Percussion:
Tung Pham
Sara Honeywell
Alto Saxophone, Percussion:
Erik James
Tenor Saxophone, Percussion:
Chuck Lechien, Jr.
Baritone Saxophone:
Hector Hambides
Accordion, Percussion:
Richard Tarantino
Vibraphone, Tuba, Percussion:
Andrew Tucker
Upright Bass:
Ry Strohm-Herman
Drums & Percussion:
Grantley Smith

F e a t u r e d    A c t s : (In order of appearance)



Aerial Lyra:


Fan Spinning:

Partner Acrobatics:

Aerial Silk:




German Wheel:

Staff Spinning:

Aerial Straps:

Eliza Blaze, Tam Carter , Rachel "Dozer" Darman, Meg Grady-Troia, Clara LaFrance, Elizabeth Paxton

Nick Cegelka, Joe Roberson

Rachel "Dozer" Darman, Clara LaFrance

Tam Carter, Meg Grady-Troia, Elizabeth Paxton

Eliza Blaze

Owen Hope , Morgan Oldham

Rachel "Dozer " Darman , Clara LaFrance , Liz Manicatide , Phil Servita

Tracy McAskill, Morgan Oldham

Dominique Immora

Dominique Immora, Nicole Siggins , Alicia Walker

Owen Hope

Aaron Grossman

B. J . Erdmann

P r o d u c t i o n   S t a f f :
  Impresario & Artistic Director: Chuck Lechien, Jr.
Producer: bonnie denis
Director: Johnny Blazes
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Rocha
Assistant Costume Designer: bonnie denis
Stage Design: Anna Phylaxis, James Ronin
Musical Director: Chuck Lechien, Jr.
Technical Director: James Ronin
Stage Manager: Regis Donovan
Lighting Designer: Matthew Breton
Sound Designer: Roberto Toledo
Spotlight: Rob Vector
Theater Manager: Lynda Rieman
Aerial Rigger: Phil Servita
Promotion: James Ronin, Charlie Ronin
Whipcracker: bonnie denis